These T&C (Terms and Conditions) use manage to access and use of the website hosted under the domain name (also subdomains / dependent web pages / content and services offered by  BarnaRent).

Company: BarnaRent, Kamel Dermofarnacia S.A

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Phone: +34 629 42 98 66

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BarnaRent offers this website, which includes all the information, tools and services available to you on this site. 

By visiting our site and / or book an apartment, you participate in our service and agree the following T&C. These terms aply to all users of this site, including browsers, vendors and customers.

Read these T&C carefully before accessing or using our website. If you acces or use any part of the site, you agree to these T&C.

If you do not agree to all the T&C, you will not be able to access the website or use any service. 

Any new features or tools added to the current store will also be subject to these T&C. The user has the responsability to check this page periodically for changes.




The customer can request their reservation on our website: . This process is carried out thought data processing. 

The costumer agrees that the information provided to us is accurate and complete, and that in the credit / debit card used there are sufficient founds to cover the cost of the product the costumer wats to buy. 

BarnaRent reserves the right to cancel client’s reservation in case of non-payment, refund of the payment or in case of false data / client’s credit card not verified. 

Read the contract condictions carefully:

1.The client agrees to rent the apartment for the period and price quoted. The rental amount is non-refundable once paid (depending on the Policy Cancellation the client has chosen).

2.The client assumes responsibility for the apartment as well as the forniture and utensils; the client must hand it in its entierely on the day of the departure, in good condition and leave as many set keys in the apartment as the client has recived on the arrival day.

Clarification: The client must leave all the kitchen utensils used washed (curlery, dishes, oven, sandwich amker, pots, etc.) and remove the garbage from the floor, depositing it in the correponding containers for proper recycling. Failure to comply with this rule may apply charges of up to 100€.

3.The client agrees to act all the times with respect for the neightbors of the building, and to avoid making annoying noise at any time of the day. The client agrees to evict immediately if the foregoing is not complied with and this is required by KAMEL DERMOFARNACIA, S.A; without the right to claim any type of refound including the deposit.

4.The client has to deposit €300 for possible damages that may occur during the stay. The deposit will be returned within a maximum period of 5 working days after the client’s departure once the condition of the apartment has been checked. BarnaRent is not responsible for any possible damage during the client’s stay, so the client do not has the right to reclaim the deposit. It this case occurs, BarnaRent will contact the user by email as soon as possible.

5.For each set of keys that are missing, the deposit will be reduced by €50. If you forget the keys inside of the apartment not in our office hours*, €50 will be charged. *Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm

6.If the client forgets the key locked inside the apartment, KAMEL DERMOFARNACIA S.A, will call a professional locksmith and the corresponding costs of the deposit provided by the client will be reduced.

7.If the client does not leave the apartment in reasonable condition: dirty dishes / utensils or forget the garbage in the apartment, it may cause an additional expenses that will be reduced from the deposit.

8.In the event that the client wishes to extend the stay in the rented apartment, an amout equivalent to the double established price will be charged for each day of stay not contracted.

9.The client agrees to respect the residents of the neighboring apartments and agrees to avoid making loud noises at any time of the day. If this occurs, the client will be immediate expulsed.  If there is a noise violation after 9:00 p.m, it will be a penalty of €70. There’s a Room Monitor in each apartment that controls the loud noise. This noise is registred and it will be sent to the client if any noise problem occurs.

10.COVID-19 Special Conditions

   We inform you that in accordance with the applicable regulations and protocols as a consequence of the situation generated by COVID-19, some services and extras that we normally offer, due to legal imperative or health reasons, will be limited or temporarily suspended. For more information you can contact us: Given the situation generated by COVID-19, we all have to be aware of the capacity limitations in common spaces and make responsible use of them.




When an apartment is booked the user has the right to use the current Policy Cancellation.

We inform you that the online booking of our services at is subject to the rest of the applicable legal policies.

When making the reservation, the user has the right to stay in the selected apartment.

BarnaRent will not be financially responsible for the user’s breaches in the apartment (described in the rules of each apartment) or for possible damages caused by the user. In this case, BarnaRent will request the corresponding payment (described in the rules fo each apartment). 

BarnaRent will only make a refund in the indicated period of booking cancellation, otherwise there won’t be refund. Therefore, BarnaRent is not responsible for any major force that may occur.


COVID-19 measures:

I, the CLIENT, declare that I have been duly informed of all the measures adopted to prevent possible infections by COVID-19, and that I consider these measures to be adequate and sufficient, which is why I expressly accept them in all respects. Additionally, I, the CLIENT, declare to be aware that a null risk of transmission and contagion of COVID-19 cannot be guaranteed, that the risk of contagion exists in any public space or establishment that I can visit during my stay, and that it is my responsibility to adopt at all times the personal safety and hygiene measures necessary to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease, and to truthfully report any symptoms or suspicions of being affected by COVID-19, prior to check-in (check-in) and for the entire time of my stay.

Consequently, I, the CLIENT, expressly exonerate the property and the commercial management / operator of the apartment from any personal or economic responsibility that may arise from a possible contagion of COVID-19, including but not limited to, and in no case limiting , personal and / or economic responsibilities derived from quarantines, medical treatments, transfers, trips, resignations, cancellations, extension of stays, food, or for any other concept directly or indirectly related to the possible contagion of COVD-19, whose responsibility I assume with total exoneration of the property and manager / operator of the apartment.

The property that is the object of this contract will be used for seasonal housing, which in no case will constitute your habitual permanent home.

The permanent address of the LESSEE is the one that appears in the operative part of the contract, since he rents the house that is the object of the contract only to use it as an occasional residence, so that in no case may he use said apartment as a habitual and permanent domicile.



The prices of each apartment are those that appear on the website when the client makes the reservation. 

The price includes VAT and managment fee.

The price does NOT include the Tourist Tax (€ 3,3 / client / night )* and possible extra expendes depending on the user’s arrival time. Explained down below.

*Will be charged in cash upon arrival, up to a maximum of 7 nights and does not apply to children under 16 years of age.

The payment of the booking can only be made with Bank Card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex).  BarnaRent reserves the right to suspend the processing of the order in the event of payment authorization refusal by the bank.  BarnaRent guarantees the cofidentiality and security of the client’s bank details transmitted thorugh the website when making the reservation.



Check In can be done between 3:00 p.m until 8:00 p.m. 

Check In before 3:00 p.m, if the client want to make the Check In, he / she have to contact us and we will make the possible to do the Check In before the stipulated time. In that case, BarnaRent is not responsible if the Check In can not be done before 3:00 p.m.

Check In after 8:00 p.m there will be an additional cost of €25 that must be paid upon the arrival at the apartment. 

Check In after 0:00 a.m there will be an additional cost of €50 that must be paid upon the arrival at the apartment. 

Check Out must be done before 11 a.m.

The client has the right to cancell the booking at any time. Check out our Cancellation Policy here.



Consult our section Privacy Policy. We make sure that all our operators / collaborators comply with the Data Protection Policy in force in the EU.



The General Conditions of sale and the contract for an order on our website are guided by Spanish Legislation, and any major problem will be solved by the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.



If you have any question about the specified information, contact us: 

Email:  |  Phone: +34 629 42 98 66

Emergency telephone 24h (*) : +34 629 13 49 34

(*) only calls 


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